New General Council 2022-2027

The General Council is elected for a 5-year mandate.

  • Sr Rachelle Watier, General Animator
  • Sr Jocelyne Robert, General Assistant
  • Sr Clementina Molefe, Councillor
  • Sr Abigail Buumba, Councillor
  • Sr Geovana Barroso de Sena, Councillor

The operational date of this new Council has yet to be determined. It will be announced soon and henceforth transmitted.


The Sister of Charity, what is she but a mother to the poor and abandoned of the world?
Élisabeth Bruyère (Personal Notebook)
If there is any one of you who needs wisdom, he must ask God, whogives to all freely and ungrudgingly; i twill be given to him.
Lc 18, 16
Yesterday has gone. Tomorrow may never come. There is only the miracle of this moment. Savor it. It is a gift.
Marie Stilkind