Since 1845, the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa, also known as the Grey Nuns of the Cross, have lived their mission filled with compassion in the charitable ministries, in hospital ministry, education, pastoral care and community service within the Congregation.  These ministries were left in legacy by their founder, Élisabeth Bruyère.


Sister Élisabeth Bruyère is the spiritual daughter of Saint Marguerite d’Youville.  The charism of great compassion for the poor becomes embodied in her.  This charism also responded to another dimension: the educational mission.


In 2014, the face of poverty has changed: the hopelessness born from the lack of meaning of life, the pitfall of alcohol and of drugs, the solitude of the aging process and social discrimination require particular sensitivity.


Following Élisabeth Bruyère, the Sisters contribute their charism of compassion toward the Church’s major mission of evangelization, happy to be where God sends them, happy also to be witnesses of the goodness of the Father and to be messengers of hope and of salvation.