Echoes from the Center for the Cause of Élisabeth Bruyère

Bannière Journal ÉchosVol. 38 No 3 - November 2019

A Compassionate Heart

All of the Venerable Élisabeth Bruyère’s life is a testimony of her
passionate charity for her brethren and of her zeal in providing relief
from suffering and in decreasing ignorance.

Mother Bruyère reveals her heart throughout her writings.


Please don’t get tired during the holidays; take advantage of it to sleep for a long time, often eat and work very little. -July 30 1862
Mother Élisabeth Bruyère
You were called, as you know, to liberty.
Ga. 5:13
Magic happens when you fill up your own heart. Not when you wait for somebody else to fill it up for you.
Diana Sénèque