Tribute Song from Écho d'un Peuple

Toi qui veilles sur moi

175 years ago, on February 20, 1845, young Élisabeth Bruyère and three courageous Sisters arrived in the ultra-violent world of Bytown... In only three months, these Sisters of Charity opened a school, an orphanage and created what would become the Ottawa General Hospital! During the terrible typhus epidemic, totally defying the conventions of the time, Élisabeth and her Sisters decided to treat everyone, regardless of language, social reputation, ethnicity or religion. The rest of the story is equally impressive: for six generations, although their primary mission was to help the poor, the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa managed and founded schools throughout Ontario and across the country, established humanitarian missions of all kinds around the world and spread the charism of their young foundress who was recognized as "venerable".

Toi qui veilles sur moi (lyrics: Lise Paiement and Félix Saint-Denis and music: Brian St-Pierre)

Charity is so beautiful! It is so strong! It is so lovable! - Chronicles, November 19, 1860
Élisabeth Bruyère
For the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, to make up differences between you, and instead od disagreeing among yourselves, to be united again in your belief and practice.
1 Co. 1:10
The greatest good is the knowledge of the union which the mind has with the whole nature.
Baruch Spinoza