Consecrated Laity in Relation with the Congregation


This new form of affiliation to the Congregation is ad experimentum since March 2013 until the next General Chapter in 2016.

Mrs. Sueli Turrini, from Ferraz, Brazil, an Associate to the Congregation for many years, had, on many occasions, expressed her wish to become a consecrated lay person in relation to our Congregation.


Accompanied in her discernment process by one of our Brazilian Sisters who is also responsible for initial formation, Sueli became the first consecrated lay person in relation with our Congregation on December 8, 2013.


  • Consecrated laity is a commitment made by the private vow of chastity by a person who is baptized and lives in celibacy because of and for the sake of the Kingdom of God;
  • single women, widows, divorced or separated women, if they have obtained an annulment of their marriage (a canonical process) may pronounce this vow in relation with the Congregation to share its charism of compassion, its spirituality and its mission;
  • the Congregation appoints a person who is responsible of the initial formation and for the accompaniment;
  • the consecrated lay person lives out her respective mission in her own milieu;  her consecration is authentic but does not consitute a new form of consecrated life;
  • private vow of chastity, which is witnessed by the General, Provincial or Regional Animator is pronounced initially for a period of one year, renewable annually if the person so wishes; if the lay person so wishes and if the Congregation accepts, this vow can become definitive after 5 to 10 years of renewal;
  • by accepting lay persons who wish to consecrate their life in relation with the Congregation, no legal or financial liability is thereby accepted for these persons. 



Let us remain attentive to the signs of the Spirit!