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Letters written in 1847

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To Fr. Romain Larré, p.s.s., Saint Sulpice Seminary, Montreal

Bytown, December 27, 1847

My good and very dear Father,

No day goes by that we do not express wishes for your happiness, but it would seem to me that the coming of a New Year is an even more favourable opportunity to reiterate the sentiments of respectful affection that we have for you.  May Heaven favour you with abundant blessings and grant you many more years, for the good of our Community.  We never cease to pray that this task become daily less burdensome so that you may continue to serve forever.

My three years are coming to an end next February, the Sisters are working to keep me here and for my part, I am working so as not to remain, I do not know how things will turn out,  I do not know how I will resist their pressure a second time, I who could not resist the first time.  I am quite determined to refuse any offer that is made to me … Oh!  how happy I would be if I were called back and there were no longer any question of Bytown…

I ask your prayers for our dear Sister St. Peter who is failing from one day to the next, this poor child is in a state of extreme weakness, she can no longer take any nourishment, she can only take herbal tea, and yet in such small quantities that it is only enough to prolong her pain for a few more days, we will lose much in losing her, other than her religious piety she had a way of endearing herself and being respected by everyone.

All of our Sisters join with me in requesting your paternal blessing and the help of your holy prayers.

I have the honour of being, most respectfully,

My very dear and venerable Father,        
Your very humble and obedient daughter,
Sister É. BruyèreMother Bruyère's hand writing               

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